Kushest Genetics is based in California where some of the best cannabis genetics in the world come from. All of our strains come from breeding with high quality and solid genetics to start with using carefully selected phenotypes so we can bring you our new and original strains. That being said, we keep our crosses proprietary to ensure that our name and our strains are safe so we can guarantee the quality of our seeds.

All of today’s top breeders have their gems and their is no doubt that they have some amazing strains. I won’t ever say that I am better than the next breeder because good cannabis is good cannabis, plain and simple. Different breeders breed for different types of characteristics and that’s what gives us all something unique. Some breed for color, some breed for bud structure, some breed for flavor and taste. At Kushest Genetics we like to focus on smell and flavor.

Why do we keep our strains proprietary?

Too many seedbanks out there remake strains and sell them with the same name. We believe that a breeders strains should be protected and this is the best form of protection for our high quality craft cannabis strains. You will not find our strains at any other cannabis seedbank so if you find them anywhere else they are fake.

We want to have a special connection with seed collectors and legal home cultivators and that’s why we sell our seeds directly to you.