About Kushest Genetics

We are a southern California based company with 20 years of experience growing and breeding cannabis.

We see cannabis breeding as an art and we want our brand do stand out. Breeding cannabis isn’t rocket science, anyone can become a cannabis breeder, but what seperates a good breeder from others is the art of selection.

What Makes Kushest Genetics Different?

Most breeders today are only breeding with hype strains. While there is nothing wrong with the hype strains in particular, there is however a problem with everyone scrambling to breed with the same Genetics such as cookies for example. This brings us to bottlenecked strains. Bottlenecking occurs when a strain is bred to have specific characteristics to a point where everything is uniform and looks the same. When this is done then you get very little variation with the offspring and everything starts to look and smell the same which is where we are at today with cannabis genetics.

At Kushest Genetics, we only start with old school classic strains to begin with which is why we are able to bring new flavors and new smells to the cannabis industry. As I mentioned earlier, we enjoy the art of breeding and being able to make selections from genetic lines that haven’t been overworked so we can create new strains that actually are something new and not just copying what’s popular. We have our own vision and our own goals so we’re not concerned with anything that anyone else is doing and stay focused on our projects.

We hope you enjoy our strains and we are proud to be able to offer you our exclusive genetics that you will only find here at Kushest Genetics.